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This is Binos.

2009.6~2012.7 Institute of Computing Technology, CAS  Master’s Degree,  My advisor: Han Jizhong

2012.7~2013.10  HBase preacher. Big Data infrastructure chaser. Build/Design/Maintain HBase cluster (Over 200 nodes) for different products across the Internet company.

2013.10~2015.03 Hadoop Grid Solutions, developing and maintaining over 50k hadoop nodes, including Oozie/Hadoop/Hive/HBase/Storm/Spark.

2015.04~2016.7 Big Data Architect. Audience Data Platform, Hadoop Platform for DSP advertising.

2016.7 ~ Now. Cloud Expert & Big Data Architect. On-Prem && AWS hybrid cloud, including OLAP, Streaming, Batch, common infra.

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I have interest in data intensive computing, especially be attracted to research  the hood of different technology that make big data easy-run. Until recently and now, I have been spending lots of time in  Hadoop,HBase,Yarn,Docker,K8S,Spark,Presto,AWS. So if you are fans of these, please follow me Binos_ICT(weibo) or send an e-mail: jiangbinglover@qq.com

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